>> Brick Lane <<

Bacon Rolls

>> When we found out Lisa Jane was hosting her first photography exhibition we jumped at the chance for hangouts at her opening night // her moving house adventure “No.11” is being documented at the cutesy Hawkhurst Vault tea rooms till mid March & is definietly worth uh peek <<
Our first stop was The Breakfast Club, by far the best dressed breakfast place we’ve ever set our eyes on // this was where we lost our ‘Huevos Ranchero’s virginity, not only was the food to die for but the neon signs alone were worth the 45 minute queue >>>> We suggest if you’re attempting to save, not to step foot on Brick Lane // The markets there are filled endless goodies, we lost count on how many cow hide rugs we bought & don’t even get us started on those leather packed corner shops >>>> It would be rude to visit Brick Lane without photoboothing in Rough Trade, absolutely had to be done >>>> We were dying to try Cereal Killer Cafe for dessert but couldn’t hack another 45 minute wait, we’ve already listed this as our first stop next time we’re in town >>>>