We're seriously psyched you wanna know a bit about us, soo we're the two sisters behind Costa Sister Productions ...

 It's actually sickening how much we love being girl bosses // Although we've roamed in straight from the wilderness of South Coast Wales (UK) our videography style screams Americana - we love anything cult cause out of the ordinary blows our minds // we've always shot with a fun + informal style - everyone is always surprised how laid back werking with us is // One of our favourite things about our job has gotta be the badass people we meet along the way + how they allow us to run wild with our creations. Travelling is our thing, we're addicted to exploring the world, ticking off bucket list goals as we go // Our cameras have taken us all across the globe, hitting locations such as New York, California, Canada, Texas, Australia, + all over Europe. // Check out our wanderlust film reel + our vlogs to see our adventures in action. We're hugely addicted to instagram // if you peek at our feed you'll be hit with beards, bikes + babes - follow our journey at @thecostasisters We're not your typical wedding videographers, we dig alternative non-traditional humanist weddings - but we're not alllll about the weddings, we're down for just about everything. 


Can you help us tick something off?

Attend a tacky Vegas Wedding - if Elvis is there total bonus [ ] 
The Asylum, Maverick  [ ]
Freeze our butts off in Banff, Canada   [ x ]
Play cowgirls at Pioneertown, CA    [ x ]
Plane Wreckage on Black Sand Beach, Iceland [ ]
Almost fall off the edge of The Grand Canyon [ x ]
Horseback ride at a real ranch [ ]  
Get lost in Yosemite, CA  [ ]
Stage view at Download Festival  [ ]
The Great Frog basement  [ x ] 
Cheer at a rodeo, Texas  [ ]
Explore “The Beach" Thailand  [ x ]
Shoot on a Skyline rooftop, NYC   [ ]
Sleep at all The Ace Hotel chains   [ ]
Salvation Mountain, CA    [ x ]
Wear Minnie ears at Disneyland, Paris   [ ]
Urban Cowboy BNB, Nashville   [ ] 
Wander the Neon Grave yard, Nevada   [ ]
Visit Graceland, Memphis   [ ]
Drink at a real saloon   [ x ]
Ride camels + get covered in Henna in Morocco [ x ]
Get drenched at the Tomato Festival in Bunol, Spain [ ]
Swoon over a wild Elopement, Anywhere.  [ ]


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