We're seriously psyched you wanna know a bit about us, soo we're 'The Costa Sisters' ...

We are the original rule breakers. 
We're super laid back and we love working with fun creative, wild + care free humans. 
NO AWKWARD POSING - we just wanna capture you doing your thang whilst looking cool AF. 

We've been known as 'The Costa Sisters' since forever because there's no tearing us apart. 
Even now, when we're supposed to be "Adulting".

Our style screams Americana + anything out of the ordinary blows our minds. 
We dig creative non-traditional weddings + anything cult. 
We're not just another supplier on your list, we're there to make you look FRIGGIN' AWESOME. 
But we're not alllll about the weddings, we're down for just about everything.

Travelling is our thing.
Ticking off bucket list goals as we go! (see below)
Our cameras have taken us all across the globe. Hitting locations such as:
New York, California, Texas, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Marrakesh + Copenhagen. 
Sometimes we vlog our adventures. Sometimes we forget. We mostly forget tho.

UH, shameless brag: we recently won a welsh women award 2019 as young entrepreneur of the year. 
"Empowered women empower women" - and we sure as hell live by that!

We're massively addicted to Instagram.
If you stalk us on there you'll be hit with beards, bikes + babes. 
See for yourself hereeeeee @thecostasisters 

RAD AF video by Max Cutrone



Can you help us tick something off?

Attend a tacky Vegas Wedding - if Elvis is there total bonus [ ] 
The Asylum, Maverick  [ x ]
Freeze our butts off in Banff, Canada   [ x ]
Play cowgirls at Pioneertown, CA    [ x ]
Plane Wreckage on Black Sand Beach, Iceland [ ]
Almost fall off the edge of The Grand Canyon [ x ]
Horseback ride at a real ranch [ ]  
Get lost in Yosemite, CA  [ ]
Stage view at Download Festival  [ ]
The Great Frog basement  [ x ] 
Cheer at a rodeo, Texas  [ ]
Explore “The Beach" Thailand  [ x ]
Shoot on a Skyline rooftop, NYC   [ ]
Sleep at all The Ace Hotel chains   [ ]
Salvation Mountain, CA    [ x ]
Wear Minnie ears at Disneyland, Paris   [ ]
Urban Cowboy BNB, Nashville   [ ] 
Wander the Neon Grave yard, Nevada   [ x ]
Visit Graceland, Memphis   [ ]
Drink at a real saloon   [ x ]
Ride camels + get covered in Henna in Morocco [ x ]
Get drenched at the Tomato Festival in Bunol, Spain [ ]
Swoon over a wild Elopement, Anywhere.  [ ]

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